Nicholas J. Carroll, Film Director and Producer Specialist in interactive video and collaborative development of new stories.

Nicholas J. Carroll, Film Director and Producer

Selection of Work

I’m capable as a director, producer, and camera operator in a variety of contexts. I’ve collaborated with a diverse set of clients and partners, from not-for-profit theaters to multi-national consulting firms, from small tech startups to large universities. I can adapt to a new project quickly, and am able to bring people together to produce work better than the budget describes. If you don’t have time to watch all these videos, read through the descriptions to get a sense for the type of work I’ve done.


Here’s a selection of my work as a video-maker. For stills visit the Google Photos album.

I produced and directed So Many Days, The New Colony’s first film, which was based on a stand-up comic character from an original play The New Colony had premiered the previous year. That character and the well-loved band, That Sordid Little Story, are featured in this 15 minute narrative short. Directed, Produced.

I created an iOS storytelling app with The Emergent Screen called Kapsul.

I also produced and directed B-Side Studio in residence with Theater and Performance Studies at the University of Chicago, as a co-production with The New Colony and The Inconvenience. We taped this show, live switched, in front of a live studio audience and prepared episodes for watching online just a few days later. If you don’t have time to watch the whole 8 part series (also available on DVD and Amazon Instant), at least make sure to watch the awesome opening sequence featuring the phenomenal JC Brooks. Directed, Produced.

This is an online spot for a company called Slate & Tablets, which makes apps for high schools that can be used by teachers, students, and community members. The video was produced by The Emergent Screen, and was featured on the Slate & Tablets front page. Led Script Development with client, Directed, Produced, Gaffer, Shot.

The New Colony needed a new logo, and we wanted our audience to help us pick between two possibilities. So, I directed, shot, and edited this series of videos showing us performing “scientific testing” on the two candidates. Features music by Julie Nichols, with Whit Nelson and Kevin Stangler. This is the first of 5 quick, quirky videos. The whole playlist is here. Producer, Gaffer, Shot, Edited, Finished.

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This portfolio is not an exhaustive filmography.

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