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Nicholas J. Carroll tells stories in films, photos, and interactive for brands and not-for-profits. Photographer and video editor, with experience working as a director, producer, and videographer.
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Nick has years of experience as a photographer, filmmaker, and commercial editor. His abilities are informed by experience working in myriad roles on independent films, commercial projects, and promotional videos. He is as capable operating a camera as he is at developing a new narrative with a group.

Inspired to make immersive storytelling more accessible, he and his team created Kapsul, a hyper-local video storytelling platform that introduces users to the people and events that make a place special.

Nick previously produced events and managed a 300-seat event production space as a FIRST employee at the Google Chicago office. He built relationships with internal and external stakeholders to understand their requirements, generated estimates, tracked metrics, and delivered events at the highest standard of quality.

Nick also offers photo and video support for expeditions and adventurous travel around the world. If you need striking stock photos with images of nature and the world around us, view his stock photography at Shutterstock.

Nick is always looking for new projects and opportunities. Please feel free to visit his LinkedIn or Instagram account in order to reach out. A resume and references are available upon request. Nick is based in Austin, Texas, but can travel and work remotely. Owner/operator of Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS RP, DJI RS2 Gimbal, and other pro tools to help your production succeed.

If you want to watch one of Nick’s films, set aside 15 minutes and enjoy So Many Days:

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