Nicholas J. Carroll, Film Director and Producer Specialist in interactive video and collaborative development of new stories.

Nicholas J. Carroll, Film Director and Producer


Nicholas J. Carroll is a film, video, and event director and producer who specializes in collaboratively developing new stories and the creation of interactive online narratives. For portfolio inquiries see Selection of Work for video, and Google Photos for stills.

Nick has years of experience as a filmmaker. His abilities as a director and producer are informed by experience working in myriad production and creative roles on numerous independent film, video, and theater projects, as well as high-profile corporate events. He is as capable operating a camera or switcher as he is at developing a new narrative with a group. As a filmmaker, he has worked with production companies around the country including Refractory Films in Connecticut, Dunkirk Studios in New Hampshire, The New Colony in Chicago, and more.

He is a founding member and CEO of The Emergent Screen, LLC., where he created Kapsul, a location-based storytelling app.

Nick works during the day as a FIRST employee embedded in a Google office, producing events and managing a 300-seat event production space equipped with cutting-edge live streaming and video conferencing, theatrical lighting and sound, and video production systems.

An avid outdoor and urban explorer, Nick also offers photo and video support for expeditions and travel around the world.

Nick is always looking for new projects and opportunities. Please feel free to visit his LinkedIn or Instagram account in order to reach out. A resume and references are available upon request.

If you want to watch one of Nick’s films, set aside 15 minutes and enjoy So Many Days, a short he produced and directed with a new collaborative method at The New Colony.

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